More Comfort Food

Spicy White Bean and Sweet Potato Stew with Greens

I like to post on (formerly Recipezaar), and I find some truly wonderful recipes through a swap game that I play on their Vegetarian/Vegan forum.  Last night I made this recipe:

It was the perfect thing for an unexpectedly chilly evening, and I took some of the leftovers to work for lunch today…definitely cheaper than hitting up Burrito Bros, about half the price, to be somewhat precise.  This is a truly hearty vegetarian soup that fills you up with lots of nutrients.  It is richly colorful:

It is easy to make, and it is full of well-balanced flavors.  The slight bitterness of the greens is contrasted by the earthiness of the beans and the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

It cost $10.68 to make this, and I got 3 VERY HEARTY complete meals out of this, so it comes to:

$3.56 per serving


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