Food Therapy: Installment 1

Rustic Bread & Eggplant Lasagna

My BFF and I have recently formed the habit of meeting at my place on Wednesday nights after class for a home-cooked meal.  It is most definitely a mid-week oasis.  I look forward to gossiping and venting over a glass of wine and a big plate of something delicious.  This week we had Rustic Bread & Eggplant Lasagna from the Web site VeganYumYum:

It was recommended by a former professor/mentor, and it really fit the bill.  I have been craving bread like nothing else lately.  I do crave carbs when I’m stressed anyway, but also my ex- was allergic to wheat.  After several years of not having bread in the house, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Anyway, this was the perfect thing while we watched a chick flick…Eat, Pray, Love to be exact.  Watching Julia Roberts have a foodgasm over a plate of spaghetti, I was definitely glad to have my own plate of Italian comfort food.

I did make a few changes to the recipe.  First of all, I halved it, yet it still made enough for 6 servings (including leftovers for breakfast…that’s how good it was).  I used a white eggplant, because that was what they happened to have at my local food co-op.  This was my first time trying white eggplant, and it was lovely…more tender than its purple cousin (I learned that white eggplant used to be the default color…that’s why it’s called EGGplant.  Pretty cool, huh?)  Instead of fresh tomatoes and basil, I topped it with vegan cheese (Veganrella brand).  We both agreed that the vegan cheese was a good addition, but next time I would probably include the basil as well.  The bread that I used was a wonderful freshly baked garlic loaf from the co-op.

This recipe cost $14.46 to make, which comes out to:

$2.41 per serving

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