Vegan Road Trip Update

Had a blast in Denver!

In addition to enjoying the various art museums, the zoo, and natural wonders, I ate some AMAZING VEGAN FOOD!

For the drive I brought strawberries and grapes, which I got for only:


…at the City Market here in town.  I also brought homemade hummus (that’s another post for another day…I promise), and my friend brought veggies and pita for dipping, along with water and V8.

When we got into town, our hostess took us to Steuben’s Food Service.  It worked out really well because her husband wanted barbecue, which he got, but they also had a truly delicious veggie burger.  I failed to photograph it since I was famished after the 10-hour drive, but it was delectable, as was the side of crispy roasted Brussells sprouts that I ordered with it.  They had a fun cocktail list; I got a Pimm’s No. 1 Cup, which was made with muddled cucumber and berries and lemon soda.  The kitschy, vintage decor was also enjoyable.  I highly recommend this place:

The next day we went to the Denver Art Museum, had lunch at a nearby diner called City O’ City, and then visited the Museum of Contemporary Art.  City O’ City also had a rustic, vintage decor scheme and plenty of vegetarian/vegan options.  We went with the “Animal Lover’s” pizza, which came with seitan pepperoni, seitan sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms.  We subbed  cashew ricotta for the mozzarella, and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven:

Get this…they even had VEGAN PARMESAN!

We accidentally ordered the large size, so I was eating that pizza for breakfast and lunch for several days.  It ended up making about 6 servings, so at $22, it came to about:


Also, it was Happy Hour, so I got a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon for only: $2.50! If you find yourself in Denver, definitely check out City O’City:

That night, our hostess made a lovely peanut-tofu stir-fry for us.  I’ll see if I can get the recipe from her and make that another post.

The next day we went to the Denver Zoo.  We got hungry and ate at their cafe, and it turned out they actually had a VEGGIE BURGER!

It was pretty good too!  It was:


… not great, but not bad for a tourist destination.

We also visited the Kirkland Museum of Decorative Art (which is ah-may-zing!)

It was our host’s birthday, and he wanted “white-people Mexican” for dinner.  I actually forget what the place was called.  It was pretty good.  They made vegan fajitas for us, but they were out of mushrooms, so it was just peppers, onions, and tomatoes with sides of beans and guacamole…nothing special, but I enjoyed it.  I can usually find something good and vegan at almost any restaurant.

The next morning we traveled to Colorado Springs, where we drove up Pike’s Peak and visited Miramont Castle.  We stayed with my friend’s aunt who took us out for teppanyaki, which is always nice.  She was sweet enough to specify when she made the reservation that they should cook the veggie entree separately from the meat.

On the way home, we stopped at a Sonic drive-thru in Russell, Kansas.  I ordered a sandwich with just tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and pickles.  They charged $1.00 for the Texas Toast and $0.00 for the toppings.  I added some raw vegan “chicken” salad, which I got at the co-op before I left town:

It was $3.82, and made 3 generous servings, so with the bread it came to about:

$2.27 per sandwich

…not bad for on the road.  A relaxing getaway was exactly what I needed, and, as predicted, I ate some great vegan food!

I’ll post some homemade creations in the next few days.  There’s no food like homemade, after all.


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