Trip to Boston

I spent the last few days visiting art museums (and friends) in Boston and eating some amazing vegan food!

Our first stop was the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, which was very quirky and cool.  We found ourselves faint with hunger/thirst after wandering this eccentric woman’s collection, so I used Urbanspoon on my iPhone to find some nearby restaurants.  We ended up wandering into a pub called the Squealing Pig.

It was the perfect thing.  They had an extensive beer list from which I chose their house brew, Pig Swill.  I also ordered the Buffalo Tofu, which was quite a treat.

…and the Curry Fries

For about $20 I got 2 beers and a LOT of really hearty food.  The campy decor was a lot of fun too.

The next evening we visited the Museum of Fine Arts (which is free on Wednesday nights).  Then my friend suggested Boloco for dinner.  Boloco stands for Boston Local Company.  They specialize in burritos/wraps with fresh, healthy ingredients.  I ordered the Summer, which has black beans and mango salsa.  I requested tofu, no cheese, brown rice and the whole-wheat tortilla.  I added guacamole and fajita veggies.  It was fantastic.

Their original (large) size is only $6.25, but you can get a small for $5.35 or a mini for $3.95.  They also have really good smoothies that come in various sizes.  My BFF ordered the Soy Berry, which is vegan.  I highly recommend this place if you’re on the East Coast.

The day after that I went to an all vegan Asian restaurant called My Thai.  They had a lunch special that came with soup, a spring roll, and an entree for only $7.50.  I chose the Mango Curry “Chicken.”

The soup wasn’t quite hot, the spring roll was a little tough, and the service was inattentive, but the entree was delicious, and it always seems like a luxury to know that everything on the menu is vegan.

The day after that, my BFF and I went out to Cambridge to see the art museums at Harvard, which were definitely worthwhile (even though the Fogg Museum was closed for construction).  We had lunch at one of my favorite places ever, Life Alive.

My BFF and I both loved the food, but she complained that the menu items all have stupid hippie names (like The Goddess and The Sufi Poet).  She ordered a fantastic soup with a slightly less obnoxious name, the Udon Miso Masterful ($9.15)

Since it was hot outside and we’d been walking around, I felt like having a salad, so I ordered the Mystic Mountain ($8.95 or $5.95 for a half order)

It is a very satisfying salad with cashews, apples, cucumbers, carrots, beets, and corn on a bed of spring greens with Lemon-Vitality Vinaigrette and three scoops of lemon-garlic hummus (which they were out of, so they had to sub the red lentil hummus).

They don’t have any house-made desserts, but they do have a great selection of vegan smoothies.  I splurged on the Lust Alive ($5.99), which is a dynamic combination of strawberry, banana, candied ginger, cinnamon, cocoa, rice milk, and coconut-based “ice cream.”  It was a little heavy on the ginger, but I enjoyed it.

My friend in Boston is vegetarian, and he cooked for us several times, but unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos of his creations.  I do have some of the recipes, though, so I’ll try to blog about those soon.

Finally, I will leave you with my number one money-saving travel tip.  Bring an empty reusable water bottle.  They won’t let you bring liquids through airport security, but you can usually fill up your bottle after you get through.  Bottled water can be $2-$3 a pop, and I can drink 8-10 bottles a day easily, so having that bottle with me is a lifesaver.


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  1. That buffalo tofu looks amazing!!!

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