Trip to San Francisco

San Francisco, as one would expect, is a vegan’s paradise (although I did, admittedly, fall off the wagon a few times while I was there and didn’t regret it). In fact, my only regret is that I frequently forgot to photograph my food before I scarfed it down.  Oh well.  That happens when the food is delicious and the company is delightful.

As soon as I arrived, my gracious host took me to a farmer’s market to “forage for breakfast.”  The sights and smells were quite vibrant.  I really should have taken a photo, but to be fair, I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  We quickly remedied that with a trip to Peet’s, a small chain with truly quality beans:

Later we had lunch in Japan Town, which I also forgot to photograph, but the veggie sushi and veggie tempura were wonderful.  After that we drove up to Sonoma County and stayed in an adorable Bed & Breakfast for a couple of nights.

The staff at the Raford Inn was very accommodating.  We picked up some soy milk on the way out of town and brought it with us.  They served me granola, fresh fruit, and toast with peanut butter and homemade zinfandel jam for breakfast.  Yum.  …aaaannnndddd I didn’t photograph that either.  Anyway, the Raford Inn is highly recommended:

Before we left, the owner, Dane, showed us how he makes wine.  Thank goodness wine is vegan.

My BF had planned to take me to a vegan restaurant right down the road from the B&B, but it closed the day I arrived!  What luck!  That’s okay.  We ate at a really good Mexican restaurant called La Rosa in the nearby town of Santa Rosa.  I had a delicious black bean and veggie burrito with guacamole (no cheese, and again, no photo!).

The next day we had a lovely Ethiopian lunch at a place in Santa Rosa called Abyssinia.  Again, no photo.  Obviously, I was a little bit distracted on this trip.  We split a veggie combo platter, and it was so filling that we didn’t bother with a large dinner.  We had some lovely bread from Basque Boulangerie Cafe in the town of Sonoma (more below on this place) along with some really amazing fruit (ripe peaches, plums, and cherries), and some leftover burrito.

The following day, after a romantic, rainy walk, we wanted to warm up, so we went back to Basque Boulangerie Cafe for lunch.  I had a hearty portabello sandwich and a cup of Earl Grey.  It was the perfect thing.  I noticed that even the tomatoes and lettuce on the sandwich were more flavorful than any produce in Kansas City.  And, of course, the sourdough bread was excellent.

Thanks to my man for reminding me to take a picture this time!

When we got back to the city I experienced my first trip to Trader Joe’s!  Now I really, really can’t wait for it to open in KC (only 2 more weeks)!  They have amazing prices on some of my favorite things.  So, we decided to have a movie/snack night in lieu of dinner.  We had cashews, popcorn, and candy, which was fun.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of Indonesian fried rice (made with vegan beef substitute from Trader Joe’s).  It was a really satisfying breakfast.  Later, I had my first trip to In-N-Out.  I only got fries and a Coke, but their fries are AMAZING!  They are made from fresh potatoes right in the restaurant!  Anyway, my man thought it would be funny to see this on my blog, so he made sure to remind me to take a picture.

Then we had the best Indian food ever at Chaat House.  Seriously.  This place is GOOD, and way spicier than anything I can get in KC:

My last meal in San Fran was dim sum at Ton Kiang.  It felt decadent to have dim sum on a Thursday (we can only get it on Sunday here in KC), and it was quite possibly the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.  The Sugar Pea Tips were so good I almost ate all of them before it even occurred to me to share some with the wonderful gentleman who introduced me to them.  I’m glad he spoke up.

The Vegetable Noodles were also lovely.

The Braised Tofu with Black Mushrooms and Tender Greens might have been the best part.

I had some Chinese food today, now that I’m back in KC, and I was disappointed.  I guess I’m completely spoiled now.  I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention some of the food we enjoyed, but you get the idea.  I left my heart…and my stomach…in San Francisco.


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