Restaurant Review: FÜD

FÜD is an all-vegan restaurant that opened just over two years ago in Kansas City and, as far as I can tell, has been thriving.  This is one of my favorite restaurants in town, but obviously it’s not just the vegan crowd keeping this place in business.  Across the nation, people are starting to realize that vegan meals can be rich, hearty, and delicious.  And if anybody honestly believes that the Midwest is a “vegetarian wasteland,” obviously he hasn’t sampled the fare at FÜD.

I’ve been here many times in the last two years, but I normally devour my food before remembering to photograph it.  Last night, although hungry, I was determined to have some good images to share.  I started with a fresh juice: the Organic Sunrise, which has orange, carrot, beet, apple, and ginger.

They also have a wide variety of yummy milkshakes, teas, and even hot chocolate.

I ordered the soup of the day: Cheezy Baked Potato.

(I love their fun vintage dishes!)

This soup was not only thick and creamy, but had nice chunks of potato, broccoli, and crispy smoked “tofu bacon.”  What more could a vegan want?

It’s always really hard for me to pick an entree here, because I’m unaccustomed to the freedom of being able to choose anything on the menu.  I wanted to choose something I hadn’t tried last night, so I went with the Tex-Mex Chick’n Wrap.

Both the Chick’n and the Phish at FÜD are made from savory young jackfruit (often used as a meat substitute in Southeast Asia).  The texture is remarkable.  But the menu at FÜD is really built around showcasing Heidi VanPelt-Belle’s famously rich cashew cheeze sauce.

Most of the entrees can be made gluten free, and a lot of them are raw.  Speaking of raw, I don’t think I can possibly go to FÜD without ordering their raw, vegan ice cream for dessert!  This is a half order (!) with raw chocolate syrup:

The ice cream is made from cashews, agave nectar, and vanilla, but the secret is that they have a soft-serve machine, which apparently makes it wonderfully creamy!

As much as the wonderful food, people hang out at FÜD for the relaxed atmosphere.

The owners’ toddler son is often seen dining in the restaurant, and co-founder Jerimiah frequently spins jazz records.  Last night he was playing an album called Afro Disiac by Charles Kynard (1970):

Last night I ran into my neighbor across the hall (the one who made that awesome potato curry), dining with her husband and a colleague.  I also saw one of the owners of Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffeehouse (review coming soon) with his toddler daughter.  In the past I’ve made conversation with complete strangers at FÜD.  And since it’s so family-oriented, it all seems so genuine.  This place lacks the hipster pretensions that could so easily run amok in an all-vegan restaurant and make omnivores feel out of place.  Not so here: the comforting cuisine and intimate ambience have made this restaurant one of THE places to be in Kansas City.

Last but not least, I just have to say that their brightly colored decor is a lot of fun, and my favorite part is the painting in the bathroom:

YES!  This IS glitter puff paint on black velvet!

If you’re in Kansas City, be sure to enjoy FÜD:


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