Product Review: Amy’s Vegan Margherita Pizza

When Daiya brand vegan cheese hit US markets a couple of years ago, it rocked the vegan world.  It’s a cheese sub that melts reasonably well!  Ever since then, my local awesome pizza place, Waldo Pizza, has started carrying it, and it has appeared in several frozen products such as Tofurkey’s vegan frozen pizzas.  Amy’s recently released a new vegan frozen pizza featuring Daiya, and since it was on sale at my local co-op, I decided to give it a whirl.

This was the perfect thing when I came home from work exhausted on Friday night and wanted to watch a movie.  It only took about 9 minutes to cook after pre-heating the oven.  It only dirtied one dish: the pizza cutter.  I was all for this.

It tasted really good too!  The Daiya did not disappoint (at least for a mostly vegan who hasn’t had mozzarella in several years), the tomato sauce was nice and chunky, and there was LOTS of good basil (making it a good, solid Margherita in my opinion, not just a glorified cheese pizza). I’m hesitant to admit this, but I actually ate the whole thing in one sitting!

Since it was on sale for $6.99, this was a pretty good deal.  It was cheaper than a comparable pizza from Waldo (about $9 + tip) and a LOT faster.  It was also cheaper than a Tofurkey brand vegan frozen pizza (usually about $8.99 but available in Pepperoni or supreme).  It would probably be cheaper to make this at home, sure, but that would be a lot of work.  I’m not opposed to making pizza from scratch, but having some fast, easy foods like this around the house actually saves me money on occasion.  I would have gotten take-out on Friday if I hadn’t had this in the freezer.  However, if I buy this again I will wait for it to go on sale again because it normally runs $8.69.  For that price, I would just as soon order Waldo Pizza.


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