Fairy Tale Eggplant Pasta

Once Upon a Time…there was a girl who was sad to leave her prince in a faraway land and did a really bad job of updating her blog. 

At least it was the height of summer and she was able to console herself (at least for a little while) by making dinner for her family with goodies from the farmer’s market.

I’ve always wanted to try these little Fairy Tale Eggplants!  I decided to highlight them as the main ingredient by keeping the preparation simple.


I chopped the tops off the little eggplants and sliced them in half lengthwise.  In my wok I heated about a tablespoon of canola oil then sauteed 2 cloves of minced garlic and 1 chopped red jalapeno.  Then I threw in the eggplants and tossed them around occasionally until they were nice and tender (maybe 5 minutes).  Then I threw in 2 diced tomatoes and a little bit of chopped basil and heated for another minute or so.  I served that on top of cooked fettuccine. 


My parents seemed to really enjoy the food and the ambiance.  I put on my “Ella Fitzgerald” Pandora station, and I had picked up these gorgeous locally grown flowers from the health-food store down the street.  They were only $5.  Sometimes it’s important to “treat yo self.”



  • Fairytale Eggplants: $1 (farmer’s market
  • Oil: $0.03
  • Garlic: Free (borrowed from Dad)
  • Jalapeno: Free (Kate’s garden)
  • Tomatoes: Free (Kate’s garden)
  • Basil: Free (Kate’s garden)
  • Pasta: $1.29

=$2.32/4 servings

=$0.58/serving!!!  God, I love summer. 

Now, even if I had bought all of the ingredients, I would estimate that this would still just be about $1/serving.  Not bad!


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