The Burrito Before Christmas

All week I’ve been looking forward to a fun fall night with my ladies.

First we went to the grand opening of Freebirds World Burrito in my neighborhood.

This California-based chain is a lot of fun!  The staff was super friendly and funny, the food was delicious, and the prices were reasonable.  For about 6 bucks I got a burrito, chips with guacamole, and a drink.  They also have a rewards card that makes every 10th entree free.

The food is very similar to Chipotle BUT with a lot more options.  I LOVE that they have four different burrito sizes.  I went with the Hybrid (small), and it was just about perfect.  They also have different tortilla flavors.  I tried the cayenne, which is their most popular, and it was actually pretty spicy!  The kicker for me was the nice sticky rice: much more delicious than Chipotle’s.  I chose the black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, roasted peppers and onions, corn, fresh jalapenos, and medium salsa, but my favorite part by far was the ROASTED GARLIC!  YUM!

I will definitely be coming back here.

Next we went over to Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffeehouse for a screening of one of my favorite holiday movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  They even made Jack Skellington cupcakes for the occasion:

I enjoyed one of those adorable cupcakes with a London Fog (Earl Grey tea with steamed soy milk).  They asked me if I want it “smogged.”  I hadn’t heard that term yet, but apparently that’s when you sprinkle cocoa powder on top.  Delightful!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend, everybody!

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