Holiday Gatherings

In honor of the holidays, my ladies and I recently had a potluck where the theme was red foods.  This was Jenny’s idea, and I thought it was really cute.  Plus, I’ve been looking for an excuse to try this Beet Hummus recipe that I found on Pinterest (minus the optional yogurt).


It was a beautiful color and had a sweet, earthy flavor that we really enjoyed.

Jenny brought delicious caprese salad from Cupini’s, our favorite little Italian cafe.


Sara brought good crusty bread and a wonderful pasta dish:


Kate provided the wine…very important!

And for dessert I made a red velvet cake, dyed naturally with beet powder!  Of course, I kind of ruined the natural dye effect by adding some red icing and crushed candy canes.  I’m not completely opposed to artificial dyes, though.  I just didn’t want to use 2 whole bottles because it tastes kind of bitter.


I did use the eggs in the recipe, but I replaced the milk with soy milk and the cream cheese with Trader Joe’s soy cream cheese.

Later that week I went to an annual ugly sweater party, and I made a gingerbread cake with an ugly sweater!  It got a little smooshed on the way there, but I like to think that that just made it even uglier.


For this one I used the same soy cream cheese frosting, the gingerbread mix from Trader Joe’s, and a TON of artificially dyed icing.  It was a hit.  One of my friends asked me if my boyfriend has taught me a lot about baking (he’s an awesome chef, as I’ve pointed out here before).  I didn’t tell her that it was a mix.  But I guess that’s public knowledge now!

Happy Holidays!  Eat lots of good food!


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